About me

I’m a physicist and software engineer.

Currently I work at [C]Worthy, a non-profit focused research organisation building tools to verify that ocean-based carbon dioxide removal approaches would be effective and safe.

Previously I worked as a Research Software Engineer and Oceanographer at Columbia University. I worked with Ryan Abernathey as part of the Climate Data Science Lab, and as part of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

Before that I did a PhD in computational plasma physics for nuclear fusion, based at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy near Oxford. My thesis involved running turbulence simulations on supercomputers to help predict if a fusion reactor will melt itself. If you want to know what I think about fusion now then read this article and this paper that I wrote.

To help make scientist’s work easier, I contribute to the open-source scientific software ecosystem, in particular to the Xarray library and various other projects within the Pangeo sphere.

I’m generally very worried about the implications of humanity’s ongoing destruction and pollution of the biosphere, and feel that we all have a responsibility to help put out this fire.